• Agile software factory
    Tailor-made software
    for small startups to large enterprises
    using agile methodologies
  • Competitive pricing model
    Managed nearshore
    Development by Bulgarian team
    Belgian team ensures transparent customer experience
  • Focus on quality
    Short feedback cycles through frequent delivery
    Quality gateways embedded in software development process
    Belgian team ultimately responsible for customer deliverables
  • A committed team
    In a pleasant working environment
    With frequent trainings and career planning for our developers
    Through a long-term relationship with our employees
  • Proven track record
    Certified Belgian enterprise architects (TOGAF & Archimate)
    50+ years combined software development experience in Belgium
    Delivery of small and larger projects for our customers

Our mission

We craft software solutions tailored to your needs, taking care of your IT project from A to Z. Our experienced Belgian and Bulgarian teams guarantee a timely delivery at a competitive price.

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Software factory

As an organization, you want to focus on your core business activities and leave software development partly or completely to an external solutions provider. You realize the importance of planning and a good communication channel and need quality development at an affordable price.

Delta Source helps you overcome the day-to-day difficulties that you as an organization encounter while managing a software development project.

Business analysis

With our extensive experience in software development projects, we help you to capture and analyze your changing business needs. We assess the business impact of those changes by analyzing and documenting the requirements for your IT project, using agile methodology processes that embrace change.

We ensure a proper communication with all stakeholders involved to make sure that your IT project adequately solves your business problem.


We help you start your project on the right foot by defining a solid enterprise IT architecture, with a focus on quality, agility and security. Our architects are specialized in latest enterprise technologies and standards, like Service-Oriented Architecture, ESB, Virtualization and Cloud solutions and have the certifications (e.g. TOGAF 9.1 and Archimate 2.1) to back up these skills.

We guide startups and larger companies in their IT choices. It is crucial to make the right choices from the start that will support the business development not only during startup but also in the long run.

Nearshore development

Before any development tasks can be implemented, the Belgian team creates the technical design for the development features. The technical design ensures that the resulting software is implemented in a coherent and robust manner according to the business requirements.

Once an architecture is set in place, development can kick off. However, good enterprise-class developers are hard to find and timing is often critical. Our development team in Bulgaria consists of highly-skilled and trained developers specializing in the following programming technologies:

  • Java
    • Java Standard Edition
    • Java Enterprise Edition
  • JavaScript
    • NodeJS
    • AngularJS
  • HTML5 & CSS3

The Belgian team works in close collaboration with the customer and transparently manages the Bulgarian development team on a daily basis. Modern technology allows us to collaborate virtually face-to-face with our Bulgarian team. Both the Belgian and Bulgarian team frequently travel, which contributes to an efficient working relationship and a great company atmosphere.

Quality and compliance

We use proven agile software development techniques to ensure an optimal delivery of quality software:

  • Test-driven development: implementing a change or new functionality for an application can only be done with confidence when enough tests exist on the current code base. These tests ensure that the current functionality of the application will not be broken.
  • Technical migrations: every now and then companies need to migrate their existing applications and/or infrastructure to newer technologies and standards. Instead of having your in-house developers doing the migration work, we take care of it. This lets you focus on implementing business features that matter for your application. Our experience with such migrations will help avoid common migration pitfalls and will result in a faster time-to-market.
  • In-depth code reviews: a top chef in a restaurant will never pass a plate to a customer if it doesn't meet his quality expectations. We apply the same philosophy for our code. That's why we use human and automated quality gateways as part of our daily development activities.
  • Continuous delivery: in order to ensure a frequent delivery and quick customer feedback, we automate the software delivery process. This enables to deploy a new version of the software application automatically with the click of a button.


About us


Delta Source OOD in Plovdiv Bulgaria was founded in 2012 by two Belgian IT entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software development. At the start, just two Bulgarian employees were working at the office in Plovdiv Bulgaria.

Delta Source BVBA in Mechelen Belgium was founded in April 2015 to deliver top quality software to customers in the Belgian market. The Belgian expertise in architecture, analysis, technical design and agile project management combined with the Bulgarian expertise in software development, we deliver a software project to a customer from start to finish.

Since the startup of Delta Source in 2012 the nearshore development team grew from two to eight members. In January 2016 Joeri joined as the third member of the Belgian team.

Why Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a large population of excellently trained IT engineers: a total of 29 universities and graduate schools offer computer science and math educations, with about 6500 IT students graduating each year.

Bulgarian rates are very competitive compared to Belgian rates. These are not impacted by currency exchange rates since the Bulgarian currency is fixed to the euro.

Being a member of the European Union since 2007, Bulgaria is only a short flight away. The fact that there is only a 1 hour time zone difference makes it easy to synchronize office hours between Belgium and Bulgaria.

Meet the team

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